Submissions will open on December 1


Prairie View Educational Foundation High School Citizenship Award (Two $250 Scholarships)

Two $250 scholarships will be awarded to the recipients of the Prairie View High School Citizenship Award.  One graduating male and one graduating female will be selected by Prairie View High School staff to receive this award based on their all around display of citizenship at Prairie View.  Recipients of this award have indicated that they plan to attend part time or full time college or a trade school. 

Prairie View Educational Foundation Scholarship ($250 Scholarships)

At least four $250 scholarships will be awarded to a Prairie View High School Graduate with a 2.0 GPA or higher planning to attend a part-time or full-time college / trade school.  Decisions will be based upon character, financial need, school, church and community involvement.  Students will indicate the type of education they intend to pursue and their commitment to furthering their education.  A letter of recommendation and high school transcripts are also required.

Krista Mahon Memorial Scholarship (Two $250 Scholarships)

Two scholarships will go to individuals who are involved in the community and have a vision for their future.

Truly Insurance Scholarship (Two $500 Scholarships)

Truly Insurance will provide a $500 scholarship to one male and one female who has been a community leader and has a plan for their future.

La Cygne Chamber of Commerce Scholarship ($500 Scholarship)

The award shall go to a young man or woman who has attended Prairie View High School a minimum of two years and will graduate from PVHS, and shall be used for the purpose of attending a trade school, or completing a college education. Selection shall be based on:  a strong work ethic, an entrepreneurial mindset, a strong commitment to our community, desire to attend a trade school, selecting a business related major; financial need can be considered although it should not be the primary consideration.

Scholarships are paid to recipients only after they have provided proof of enrollment in a college or trade school. 

Personal Information

Family Information

List any factors or circumstances that might make it difficult for you or your family to pay for college.

About You

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Indicate any titles and the length of time for each extra curricular activity - this includes school, church and community clubs.

Letter of Recommendation

You are responsible for obtaining a recommendation letter written by an adult that is not related to you.

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