Softball Tournament Rules

The Rules

1. ASA rules apply unless otherwise noted.
2. One-hour time limit on all games.
3. Run rule is 15 after 3 and 10 after 5.
4. On Male walks, he will atomically go to 2nd base and the woman will always have the choice to either bat or walk.
5. 1 courtesy foul with 2 strikes.
6. 2 fouls with 2 strikes then the batter is out.
7. 3 home runs per team per game max. Any home run after 3 is out.
8. Batter always starts with a one and one count.
9. 5 guys 5 girls on the field at all times, but can have more women than men on the field.
10. Each team has to have 2 women in the infield during the game.
11. In the outfield, each team can decide who plays where.
12. 10-minute waits for team to show up or forfeit.
13. Teams must provide game balls.
14. Carpet will be the strike zone. With nothing above 12 feet high and no illegal pitches. This is the umpires call on all pitches.
15. Losing team provides umpires to umpire the next game.